Meet Gibbons & Jack Our Website Launch

Gibbons and Jack Easter Hamper

We’ve launched our website & we want to thank everyone who has bought our products to date, we are over the moon with the positive feedback-especially regarding our G&J travel tins.

I don’t think anyone expected what has come around the corner changing our lives and how we live it. This has meant we are spending more quality time in our homes and gardens.

Ever since the announcement from the UK regarding social isolation and staying at home, we have been inundated with orders for our wild Irish bird ?food products. We hope you are enjoying the sight of all the wonderful birds feeding in your garden.

Gibbons and Jack Easter Hamper

We have decided to do two things.

Firstly we have launched our G&J website ahead of schedule to give people an opportunity to place an order.

And secondly(and most importantly)we have decided to reduce our very popular G&J Garden and Travel tin from £3.99 to £3.49. Hopefully, isolation in the garden will be made a little easier with the sight of all the wild birds.

We have a list of other great products available with all full details on the website.

We want everyone to experience a little bit of G&J magic and seeing a robin or blue tit close up feeding out of our tin would honestly do the heart good.

Keep safe everyone, and as Jack is doing in the picture, stay strong-but at a safe distance.

To visit our website or to find out more about our products please Click Here

From team G&J

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