Gibbons & Jack Is A Premium Irish Bird Food That Is Void Of Cheap Wheat And Fillers And Is Stored In A Handy Recyclable Aluminium Travel Tin.

Bird Food UKI have always had a love and fascination for wild birds ever since I was a child growing up in Co Down. However, it has only really been in these last 15 years that I have opened up and shared my passion with friends and on social media.

My love and appreciation for robins rose even higher ten years ago when I developed a close friendship with a robin in the builder’s yard where I work. His name was Jack, and little did I know then that Jack would help set me on this path. A path that would lead me on a redbreast journey that was simply


‘All for the love of birds’.


Jack was quite a character and a brave little soul, even going by the standards and characteristics of normal robins, Jack had no problem flying up onto my hand (after a few weeks of gaining his trust) and then onto my shoulder, head and even flying up and eating out of my mouth; if I held a little seed between my teeth.


It was during this time I wanted to know absolutely everything about the European Robin. As Jack waited by my shed in work for me to arrive each morning, I would have been up the night before reading up on his every way of life.


Like most bird lovers I was buying bird food very regularly and noticed that the quality of some was very poor for the price you paid and all packaged in non-recyclable plastic. I also found that some bird food mixes were full of cheap filler that most of the wild birds simply didn’t eat.


So as the years went on, something lovely happened regarding Jack and I, that I had only read about in books. Although the life expectancy of the robin is relatively short, Jack was good enough and smart enough to show his next of kin where they would get treated like royalty on a regular basis. Therefore, when Jack sadly passed away, there was another young sprightly Jack to take over the reins for generations to come.


When I decided to create a bird food of my own I had a number of ground rules.

Firstly, it needed to be full of high quality ingredients that birds actually eat, but nothing too complicated or fancy, just hearty and wholesome.


Secondly it had to be stored in recyclable/biodegradable and re-sealable packaging to help the environment and not add to the scourge of single use plastic.

Thirdly, I always knew that birds needed grit to help with their digestion, and I wanted to add that as a little helping hand to my wild bird buddies.


Having added very fine oyster shell grit to the G&J ingredients, the birds just love it!

Although wild birds (and robins especially) wouldn’t be renowned for their sense of smell, when the very faint smell of the oyster shell grit(that can’t be smelt by us) catches the wind, I believe it certainly draws wild birds to the bird food and especially to the G&J aluminium tin. Yum yum.


And why the cockle shell?


I was given a little tip many years ago from a man in my place of birth, Co Galway, Ireland, that a cockle shell would keep food fresh if stored away in containers. I always remembered this, so I put it to the test and it most definitely works when it comes to keeping G&J fresher, especially in the travel tins.


As well as this, the cockle shell is a symbol of good fortune and as we are so lucky to live where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, it is only right that the shell is an integral part of G&J.


So now with my good childhood friend Wayne helping with the business and technical end of our nest, we are in full flight with a beautiful user friendly website and people are just loving its simplicity and more importantly our G&J bird food.


Thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you for your support.



Mark Gibbons